Welcome & Helpful Hints

Welcome Mamas to the Prenatal & Postnatal Series!

In this section of our online studio library, I'll be sharing tips for modifying regular yoga classes, quick and manageable yoga classes (under 20 minutes), that are specifically for your pregnancy journey or for the postpartum days, meditations, breathwork, and more!

In this welcome video you'll find some prenatal tips for making adjustments to a regular yoga class that you might take here in our library or elsewhere. Here are some of those tips!

1) Avoid laying on your belly. Now I know this is obvious because at a certain point we can't lay on our belly anymore but a modification you can take when guided to the belly in class is to take childs pose, cat/cow, or if your feeling ambitious you can take a down-dog.

2) Avoid Deep Twisting. Some teachers may advise you not to twist at all but I believe its okay to take small, light twists from your chest and shoulders, always avoid twisting from the belly. The biggest thing is to of course listen to your body and what you feel comfortable with. If you don't want to twist, don't! That is perfectly okay. If you do decide to add in small twists, turn away from your thigh instead of towards it, or add a support behind your back if your laying down. Take it easy and move from your chest up, keeping the belly centered.

3) Avoid laying on your back. In savasana, lay on your side with a blanket under your belly if your further along and place a bolster or blanket between your knees.

4) Take it easy. Try to not push yourself to your deepest expression, even if it feels good. Engage some muscle to support your body and take it back a notch. Your body is doing a lot in pregnancy and all of our joints and ligaments are loosening so we want to support the body rather than push it to the max.

If your a new mama and in your post partum journey, take it very easy and slow. I'll be sharing more tips on this very soon!

I hope you all enjoy!

With love,